By the end of 2017...

Over 9.6 million people had died due to various forms of cancer. Two years later, this number appears to be increasing instead of going down.
Cancer has become a menace in all corners of the world. It is affecting both the young and the old. Are we going just to stand by and watch?

Who We Are

We are a cancer event and support group

Bye Cancer is an innovative movement

That aims to unite the younger generation and society at large in fighting this disease that has affected all of us. We are a cancer event and support group.

As rampant as cancer cases are, most people seem not to accord it the utmost attention that it deserves. It’s unfortunate how a majority of people tend to get diagnosed with cancer when it’s in later stages. 

At Bye Cancer we strive to create awareness about the disease.

Also we offer support to those infected or affected by cancer.

What We Do - Our Objectives

Creating awareness is one of the most effective ways on how we can beat cancer.

Host Cancer Awareness Events

This is why it is amongst our top objectives. Bye Cancer with the assistance of our members we host numerous events where we conduct screenings offer talks on the signs and symptoms of cancer as well as give expert advice on how to deal with it.

Spearhead Support Groups

At Bye Cancer, we understand how hard battling the disease is. This is why we spearhead cancer support groups. In these forums, we encourage patients to share experiences and tips. It is also through these support groups where we help patients overcome feelings of loneliness, depression and anxiety.

Unite the Society in Fighting Cancer

The best way to beat a menace is by facing it head-on. We hope that we will one day get rid of cancer. And, this dream can only come true if we are united against fighting it. As a society, especially the younger generation, if we make efforts to undergo regular screening.

Cancer can be diagnosed earlier, and with the appropriate treatment, it can be stopped. Embracing healthier lifestyles can also minimize the chances of getting cancer.

Why You Should Join Us

It is beyond a reasonable doubt that cancer has affected many of us. According to the CDC, the number of cancer cases is expected to increase by 2020. This is why we at Bye Cancer aim at facing and defeating this menace. With your assistance, we can reach out to more people and change the lives of many. Be part of our movement today and help make a difference.